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re: WOD Paladin Tanking. My UI and Talents


I took speed because I prefure to be in control of when I need to run.

Repentance is really nice for cc in dungeons. As a tank its easy to pick your cc target and pull without taking any additional time.

Eternal Flame is debateable. By the numbers Sacred Shield provides more mitigation than EF does healing. However SS is still not a heal. Bastion of Glory only effects the initial heal of EF but having a HOT on yourself helps on recovery.

Hand of Purity is a mitigation spell that should be cast on yourself.

Divine Purpose is great for the extra procs of Holy Shield and EF.

Holy Prism when macro'ed to be cast on yourself is nice for the recovery heal and aoe damage.

Holy Shield reduces damage and spell reflect. No need to manage timers or use Holy power to use.

Macro's make life as a Paladin much easier. Some of the spells do not share the same global cooldown so they can be combined to reduce button pushing.

These macro's use the question mark icon with the showtooltip script to turn the macro into the spell you designated.

#showtooltip Judgment

/cast Judement

/cast Divine Protection


#showtooltip Shield of the Righteous

/use (any trinket that you have) Kyrak's Vileblood Serum

/cast Divine Protection


#showtooltip Holy Prism

/cast [@player] Holy Prism

this makes a self heal and aoe damage. Helps with recovery from damage.


#showtooltip Divine Shield

/cast Reckoning

/cast Divine Shield

/cancelaura Divine Shield

Casting Divine Shield takes you off the agro table while active so the target will attack the next highest person on the threat meter. Casting Reckoning (taunt) makes the target focused on you for 3 sec. even if you cast Divine Shield so hit the macro a second time quickly to cancel the Divine Shield before Reckoning wears off! This is good for removing deadly debuffs that wont be removed from a second tank who is dead and not able to taunt, giving you time for the debuffs to wear off. Or you could use it to take the pressure off the healer in the case that maybe the debuff got stacked to high due to a late taunt ect. 



Using Shield of the Righteous is one of our DPS spells. Each use stacks a buff called Bastion of Glory which increases the initial heal of Eternal Flame or Word of Glory, but when you cast EF or WG you are not using your dps spell Shield of the Righteous so I like to use Glyph of Word of Glory.

Hand of Sacrifice is very usefull when used with addons like Healbot. Running a dungeon its easy to Hand of Sacrifice and/or Eternal Flame a player who is taking damage and take some pressure off the healer.

Glyph of the Consecrator. There is a lot of movement involved when positioning adds or picking up new ones. Its nice that that aoe damage goes with you.


Bartender and Move anything to move my UI around.

Inline Aura to tell me things like how long is the target stunned for so I dont use my stun to soon. Shows the cooldown of spells in the action buttons. So it will show someone elses stun timer in my action button so I know when to cast my stun without overlapping or wasting my spell all together. It also will show how many stacks of Bastion of Glory you have by putting a number in your EF action button so you know how effective your EF or WG will be.

The rest is up to you! Scroll your camera out, predict what is going to happen and your in control. So keep us alive!


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